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About Character Abilities

All character abilities work in normal mode (and online), while they are disabled in easy mode.
Some abilities are automatic (they are always on), while other (per the rules) need your manual action: you have to remember that you have the ability and explicitly use it (e.g. Willy The Kid, Calamity Janet, Elena Fuente, etc.). When your ability is available, the character on the screen will quickly blink with streaks.

character ability animation

In general, check the rules!

Check the rules! :)

We keep receiving complaints about the BEER "not working" at the end of a match; please be aware that it's a rule: BEER has no effect when there are only 2 players left.
Please note that the rule says "has no effect", not "you can't play it", in fact, it makes a different animation and sound.
Tequila Joe is also affected by this rule: when there are only 2 players left, his ability is useless because the BEER has no effect.

Did you see that "book" icon on the main screen? It contains a description of all cards: check it out to learn more about the rules.

P.S. the best way to notify a problem or to ask for a feature is always our Contact Page.

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Note: when you create an online match, you are offered the option to start it even if there are not enough players. In this case, the missing players are substituted with AIs, but the match is not ranked.